After spontaneously driving about 500 miles round-trip and camping out near a geothermal spring for a few cold winter nights, the reward was this misty, serene, freezing sunrise. A lone coyote howled nearby as sun lit up with incredible colors.

Lustre paper has a fine grained texture and more of a matte-like finish.
Metallic paper has a radiantly shimmery, pearlescent appearance and a glossy finish.

Kodak ENDURA is currently the default for both paper options.

Aluminum prints are actually created by infusing dyes into the metal, so they are luminous and long lasting! They come standard with glossy finish, 1/8" rounded edges, and metal float hangers that hang the print half an inch from the wall. Ready to hang!


If you prefer to customize your order with a different medium, for example, please fill out the contact form on the About page!

"Two Realms"