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Quitting My Day Job to Travel for a While...

You know how our wise elders have those things they tell us to never do...? For example, "never fry bacon while naked" and "don't spit into the wind." Well, I decided to throw caution to the wind and do that one thing my mother always told me not to do: I went and quit my steady day job, without lining up another job first (sorry, mom). Well, don't look at me that way...! If you've known me for a long time, you might already know that my upbringing was always financially rough at home, that I've consistently worked full time jobs since I was 15 years old, had to incur student loan debt to put myself through college, and so forth. Where some people might look at my life and only see an exciting life of adventure, the reality is that there has always been a lot of struggling behind the scenes that motivates me an extra lot, and that nothing is ever really "easy." Anyway, perhaps I digress a bit, but now you know the backstory... the backstory of how I became entirely fed up with being enslaved between my sometimes overwhelming debt, and the unfulfilling-but-steady careers I worked in order to pay said debt. It felt like I was wasting my passion and talent, and in total complacency. Pair all of that with the worsening symptoms of [what turned out to "only" be] a few old spine injuries--with symptoms so strange and troubling at times, that I thought for sure I was going to be diagnosed with head/neck cancer, or maybe a degenerative nerve disease--and you've got the perfect little storm to make me say "YOLO, baby!!!!" all the way to my manager's office to put in my resignation, once I had saved up a small chunk of cash.

It was time to stop wishing I had more time for my creative projects, just for once in my life. It's October now, and it has been two months since I willingly jumped into this period of unemployment, or what I like to refer to as a sabbatical of sorts. The loose plan was to knock out a list of backpacking plans that could never be accomplished in a mere week or two of vacation time; take some creative projects off the back burner for a while; and, I signed up for a few weeks of "volunteer vacations" with the Pacific Crest Trail Association. Ultimately, it was my (albeit drastic) way of seeking a big change of career direction, too. Gratefully, I've gotten to do everything I had wanted to do (also thanks, in part, to an incredibly sweet man named Andrew who recently waltzed into my life)... including, but not limited to, a few scenic visits to North Cascades National Park and the Alpine Lakes Wilderness of Washington, and a whole week in iconic Jefferson Park with the PCTA!

The extra free time also allowed me to pour all of my time into being creative. There's a lot of new landscape imagery to upload on here soon, to say the least... and My YouTube channel is full of new adventure videos lately! Vacations sure as heck can't last forever. Soon, I'll have to seek out steady employment again (but I'm not sure what), or better yet, start finding some freelance work to prolong this current state of extra freedom (it's so much easier said than done, but hey, think of me if you want to pay someone to take really good pictures of something! 😅👍) That's what is new with me!! As you might have noticed if you follow this blog, I'm chronically averse to writing the "here's what's new in life" type of blog post, but this seemed like an appropriate time to do it! It's an exciting, scary time. Do you have any advice for me? Or, did you go on any epic adventures yet this year that you feel like telling me about? I'd enjoy hearing from you! Always feel free to drop me a line! Happy Adventures!! <3 Sincerely, Kayla

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