• Kayla Sulak

Breaking Away

Two nights ago, I was parked in the middle of nowhere near Denio, Nevada... watching a snow storm pass in the night, and making a vegetable stir fry on my little propane burner before bed. It was amazing to me that the monotony and routine of day-to-day life could be shed so quickly after a standard work week. I felt weirdly comfortable to be sitting out there, out of place, far from home with no plans. The morning prior, I had posted up at a hot spring in Mickey Basin, Southeast Oregon to shoot sunrise. The water there is far too hot for soaking, but the area has long been on my radar as a place to photograph while it's freezing and extra steamy. I knew it would be beautiful, but it absolutely surpassed my expectations. The sunrise was so brilliant, a coyote began to howl nearby during the neon display of yellows, pinks and reds. I'm sure he or she was reveling in the beauty with me.

A few other highlights of this trip were meeting up with a few friends who mean a lot to me down there; finding solitude at (soakable) hot springs for several hours; and, making a new friend in a diner in the country, a man in a wheelchair who may be even more outdoorsy and adventurous than I... a great reminder that there aren't excuses not to get out there, or to ever feel defeated or limited by anything. It was another great trip--not without some exhaustion, desert-induced loneliness, and numb fingers in the cold. However, I simply never regret hitting the road, as the experience is always a bit poetic and teaches you so much about yourself & the world!

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