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Recent & Favorite Nature Photographs by Kayla Sulak

Summertime in the meadows around Mount Bachelor, Oregon

A long exposure of leaves swirling in the Coquille River, Oregon

Mountain goat posing amongst wildflowers in the Wallowa mountains of Oregon

A blazing sunrise illuminates a golden larch tree in the Alpine Lakes Wilderness of Washington

Morning lunar eclipse aligned with a tree. South Sister, Oregon

Mud cracks in Death Valley National Park

"Photobombed" by a gray jay with a view of icicles and Diamond Peak

Pacific Giant Salamander. Oregon

Stormy sunrise and golden larch trees in the Alpine Lakes Wilderness, Washington

A sunset over the Three Sisters mountains, Oregon

Sunset views after a climb in the Alpine Lakes Wilderness, Washington

A panorama of a blazing sunset over South Sister, Oregon

Autumn foliage adorns a warm spring in Oregon

Amanita Muscaria

A "candy apple red" Amanita found deep in the woods. Despite the beautiful, appealing look of this mushroom, it shouldn't be eaten without very specific processing methods. 2019. © Kayla Sulak

A self portrait of a very memorable morning above the clouds in Central-Northern Washington. 2019. © Kayla Sulak

Magical combination of light and sand textures in Death Valley's sand dunes. 2019. © Kayla Sulak

The pinnacle of summer might have been dancing in a red dress on the South Sister summit! [self portrait] 2019. © Kayla Sulak

After battling cold weather all day and braving the snowy hike, we were treated to this seriously incredible, blazing sunset seen from above Hidden Lake in the North Cascades National Park. 2019. © Kayla Sulak

Corn lily plants have the most eye catching textures in their leaves! Mount Hood National Forest, 2019. © Kayla Sulak

"A Crooked River"

A snow covered Crooked River in Central Oregon. February 2019. ©Kayla Sulak

The lupine blossom at the base of Three Fingered Jack were so spectacular that they lured me back for several overnight trips within a week or two. 2018. © Kayla Sulak

Kootenay Mountains, British Columbia. 2019. © Kayla Sulak

A summer lightning storm in eastern Oregon. Admittedly this was one of the easier lightning storms to shoot, because there were huge bolts every thirty seconds or so for quite a while! The hair stood up on my arms and I had to stay low in this field... I love a good storm chase though. 2018. © Kayla Sulak

A foot path through fabulously vibrant autumn colors in the mountains of northwest Oregon, 2018. © Kayla Sulak

Mountain Song

A night camped out in the Mount Washington Wilderness was rewarded with a beautiful sunset. The mosquitoes were happy I came, too!

"Two Realms"

An ethereal, atmospheric sunrise over natural hot springs, one frozen morning in southeastern Oregon. 2018. © Kayla Sulak

"Lavender Whirl"

Crater Lake and Wizard Island, as seen during a sunrise snowshoe adventure around the rim of the crater. 2017. © Kayla Sulak

"A Soft Chime"

A frozen juniper tree stands alone in frozen fog outside of Maupin, Oregon. 2017. © Kayla Sulak

Asters and other flowers bloom in the meadows at the base of Mount Hood, Oregon. 2017. © Kayla Sulak

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